How to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

After a long using time, your mattress will be damaged. At the time, you need to remove them and buy another one  However, the mattress’s large size and enormous weight make your disposing process more difficult.

Also, you can’t just go and throw your old mattress on the road. So, what should you do?

Well, when it comes to  your old mattress, you will have many different ways to deal with it when it reaches the end of its lifespan, even this disposing process can also bring about you more excitement.

Now, look at how you can do away with your old mattress!

1. Give Your Mattress To Charity

If your mattress  is still in good condition, but for some reasons, you want to replace it.,you can give the old mattress to your local non-profit organization. Well, you should search on Google or social media to find the charities near your house. Everything you need to do is to make a call for them to check that they can accept the mattress or not.

2. Break Your Old Mattress Down and Reuse It

Now, I will introduce a new method to dispose of your old mattress – Break it down and reuse it!

First, you can shred the polyurethane foam to make some things for your house, such as car seat cushions, carpeting, pet bedding, pillows, and other types of padding.

Most mattresses are made of natural fibers, such as  wool, silk and cotton, and non-natural fibers like rayon and polyester. So, like foam, most natural and non-natural fibers can also be recycled  to make insulation or padding.

Also, one of your mattresses is shredded, and you can use its wooden parts such as firewood, gardening, or lawn mulch.

Screws, nails, and other small metal parts can also be reused for many household projects.

Buttons, braiding can be useful for some DIY sewing projects.

Finally, almost every mattress has about 25 pounds of steel. Well, you should  know that after being melted down, steel is used to create a wide range of products. So, you can collect iron from your old mattress, and sell them as scrap.

Note: Because breaking your old mattress can be dangerous, you should also put on some protection clothes and instruments to avoid being injured.

3. Clever Solutions

Now, let’s move on to  some creative and fun methods to reuse your old mattress.

If you like arts and crafts, don’t let  your old mattress springs go to waste. You can use it to make wall sconces, decorative candles, plant holders, backyard trellises, and photo frames. Meanwhile, some wreath displays and tree ornaments made of mattress spring can be quite appealing.

Other uses of your old memory foam mattress consist of bean bags, pillows, stuffed animal filler, chair cushions, and dishwashing sponges.

Additionally, making  a beautiful bed for your pets using  your old mattress is quite exciting.

At last, the durable fabric upholstery is also great to make throwaway rugs for your utility room, foyer, shed, and garage.

4. Sell Your Mattress

Selling your mattress to get money is also a good way to use  your mattress. However, you have to ensure that it is in good enough condition and can still be put into good use  Well, you can sell your products online on many websites like Gumtree or eBay. Everything you need to do is to take photos of your mattress and post them on the sites.

5. Send Your Old Mattress To Recycling Centers

If  you want to recycle your old mattress, taking it to the recycling centers is a quick and simple way. You only need to find all recycling centers nearby using Google or social media. Then, give them a call to make sure that they will accept your old mattress.


It is very significant to find a suitable method to remove your old mattress before you can buy a new one. Some smart methods for reusing your mattress are always exciting. So, you can completely get rid of  your old mattress to make your house more beautiful as well as to protect the environment.