Top 9 Best Recliners for Sleeping – Reviews & Guide 2020

Everyone is entitled to have a sound and a profound sleep. This is because it is crucial to maintaining good health and quality of life. As a result of this, it is cogent that we all have a sound sleep, of which many people use recliner chair to achieve sound sleep.

Actually, many debates are on the fact that it is good to sleep on recliner chairs than beds, but the truth is that many people prefer recliners to bed. Recliners are used to achieve relaxation every day, either by watching movies, read novels or perhaps play 3D games.

Here Are the Best Recliners Products for Sleeping On the Market

This Harper&Bright Designs Power Recline and Lift Chair

Harper &Bright Design furniture is crafted in a way to bring satisfaction to it users; it is good for fun such as watching movies, sleeping, reading novels or perhaps achieve a maximum level of relaxation. At the same time, this recline is made up of a quality level of fabric that is called to be leather made by PU company and saturated with a sponge of high degree.

Some of it featuring description is that it consists of an unassisted standing with the ability to be lifted such that the entire chair can be pushed up for comfortable sleeping. It also possesses a remote control so that the lifting can be convenient for the users especially those that are of age and are very old to undergo stress. It enables the users to have a pleasant recline of up to 160 degrees. All this feature is to bring satisfaction to the face of the users.

It is also developed for pleasantries with a very soft gentle and breathable waffle microfiber fabric. The chair is designed to give absolute support service to the spirit so that it will be comfortable. It also contains critical points such as key pressure points, rolled armrests, leg rest, and easy access side pocket. It possesses quality powerlifting and reclines motor support 330 IBS. Overall Dimensions: 33.5 inches W x 37.4inch D x 40.9 inch H; Seat Dimensions:16.5 inches W x 22 inch D x 18.5inch H. However, there is a warranty offered but not duly stated.


  • Breathable microfiber synthetic in leather nature
  • Affordable
  • Free footrest


  • Narrow seat and not ideal for larger people

Homelegance 9636-1 Recliner Chair

Homelegance was established in the late years 1984; it has accomplished to become a great adventure such that in the United States of today, no one will deny the fact that the company is not one of the leading suppliers of furniture. Their ultimate goal of this company is to make sure that every home if furnished in the model of their desires and their personalities.

It supplies services to it users from simple lines of contemporaries, down to the intricate carvings of traditional, the elegance of Homelegance furniture can be experienced in the extensive variety of their product line. It has several collections but the focus today is the recline products they have.

It consists of generous seatings combined with functional touches that will bring maximum smiles to the face of the users.

With the perfect contacts it provided, the recliner can be categorized as the ideal addition when it is added to your living room. It is a seat that will help the old to have maximum comfort without having to stress themselves to do a lot of things. It is equipped with several features to make sure that you get the best comfort.

You can buy it either in a textured microfiber brown cover (9636), charcoal gray fabric cover (9636CC), or taupe fabric cover (9636NF). It comes with a lovely seat with a console (9636-2), and assembly is possible as well. It also requires no batteries.


  • Warranty is available
  • Lovely seat with a console (9636-2)
  • Easy assembling


  • Expensive
  • Warranty terms are unclear

Ashley Furniture Power Lift Recliner

It is a contemporary powerlifting recliner of which it is designed to bring maximum pleasure to the users. It is crafted in a way that, anyone that uses it will surely have the best experience. It has a button that is used to lift its power without stress; maybe you want to lift it up or downward everything is allowed. It is also a dual motor lifting chair such that it will give your legs for the ultimate lounging experience.

It is crafted to offer comfort and maximum support at whenever used. The users can rest their backs with a high end, thick cushions coupled with fàux leather upholstery. It possesses a supportive corner frame with a metal reinforced seat.

It encompasses a smooth brown upholstery the looks like it a leather, but it is not. It is made of thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch.

It possesses a generous sizing space of about 35″W x 40″ D x 42.5″H in measure with a 20″ seat height and 69″ fully reclined length. The product has a five years warranty which stands as the most extended warranty on the scale of this product.


  • Relaxing faux leather
  • Footrest recliner independently
  • Easy assembly
  • Enjoyable five good year warranty for the users.


  • Some users are still really finding it to be very firm.

Homall Manual Recliner Chair

Homall recliner is created to make sure that you have the best products at the lowest prices because it makes you buy from the manufacturer directly. It encompasses the best structural features that make the recliner an attractive on when place in living room, bedroom or perhaps the recreation arena. It all depends on how you feel it should feet.

It has a beautiful feature of PU leather of which is it a high-quality level with the ability to produce warmth and pleasant feeling when touched. It provides comfort when rested on. It paddles are also thick. It also has benefits that will surely amaze you as a buyer. The advantages are that it is has a thickly padded footrest, such that it will be convenient when used. It is also homely to put together, i.e., to assemble.


  • It is very cheap
  • It provides comforts when rested on
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is made of high-quality PU leather.


  • Small in size

Franklin Serenity Manual Recliner

It is a one in a kind model of Recliner, for old age people, or perhaps people that just feel the need for it. It is also one of the best choices for recliner lovers. It is built with 100 percent content of polyester. It also possesses a mild and water free cleaning agent that will be well effective to the cleaning of necessary dirt. It requires a distance between the wall of about approx 5 inches. It has many features to be explained such that it will bring you Joy personally.

Weight limitations 257 in number and also a mechanism of 8 counterbalanced gauge. Its foam is about 1.8 density. It possesses a flat recliner for comfortable sleeping of the individual using the furniture. It is one of the best used and high rating recliner across the online store.


  • It has a self-dry cleaning agent
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with best of leathers
  • Warranty is available


  • It possesses a flat foam
  • It is expenses

JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair

It is created to provide better comfort. This is because after many pieces of research, the designer has carefully studied the limitations affecting the other products and it has thoughtfully provided the best recliner for homie people to enjoy with maximum comfortability. It is better to place in the seating room to watch TV, play video games and have a lot of fun.

It entails steel frame provides better stability; it also provides a push back recline design for comfortability of the people. It has rubber feet protection from the floor.

It is soft and duration with a maximum comfortability of when you use the recliner. It also offers a free exchange for damages or perhaps missing parts.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Durable to watch TV
  • It has a Puch back recliner feature
  • Warranty is available


  • Assembly is not allowed
  • Warranty duration is short

DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner

This is created to bring satisfaction to the nursing children and especially to new parents or nursing mothers. It is made up of a Piper recliner with glider 360 swivel motion for the purpose os maximum comfortability. It also provides a forward and backward motion service. It is crafted with one of the best soft and polyester fabric such that maximum satisfaction is duly given out any time the users make use of the product.


  • It provides uncommon mobile feature
  • Maximum comfortability
  • It requires no batteries
  • Easy assembling
  • Warranty available


  • It is quite expensive

Massage Recliner Chair

This is known to be an ergonomic microfiber recliner that will provide the best user experience to the users. It is created with the touch of the best such as the use of microfiber which is cushioned with padding to achieve curves as you rest and unwind. This particular recliner product is confident that after you have made use of their products, you will become the best favorite customer there is.

This is because it is easy to read, watch television and have relaxation after a long day of workload stress. It makes use of high-end metal which is well structured to offer a comfortable and the most prefer pleasure experience for the users be it in the office, living room, personal room and any place you place the recliner. It brings improvements to you when you sleep on it, with numerous benefits when you acquired it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Warranty available for three years
  • Provides comfortability to the best
  • It also offers 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • The product may not be as sturdy as other products reviewed here

Merax Power Recliner and Lift Chair

It is made up of recliner lift chair from Merax. This particular product is loved by the users such that it gives the best comfortability experience to the users which makes them to loud it via comments. It is also easy to operate and used by the people with a larger advantage of wide 19″ seat will a great pillow made to be soft and comfortable for anyone’s use.

It is thickly padded for comfort such that if care is not taken you will find yourself sleeping without planning. That is to tell you the beauty of what this recliner can do. From time to time, it has been discovered that users love padding, and as a result of that they love rushing it especially this particular product.

The chair is created with upholstered with polyurethane leather. With the material used, it is a sure fact that it will be high durability when used of purchase. It also possesses high-end aesthetic feature.


  • It has a faux leather which is used to provide padding and good support
  • The leg can rest independently of the backrest.
  • Warranty available


  • Some users had issues with motor burning out quickly

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Recliner

It is excellent that you have gone through the review that we have made about the nine best recliner products. Now what you need to know is how to get the right choice for yourself as an individual. With the guidelines that are below, you will be enabled to understand how you can choose the very best for your self without making mistakes.

With our buying guide, you will get to know everything necessary for you. Our guide also helps to choose when it comes to lifting chairs to yourself or perhaps for any of your family member.


This is one of the things you need first to sort out especially when considering buying a recliner from the onset. The aspects of the chair are very Important as it determines everything you ever want to enjoy when you acquire the recliner. The dimensions include both the overall dimensions of the recliner and also the dimensions of the seat created as well.

This is to be determined in respect to the plan you have crafted out when you are here looking for a suitable chair you would love. Lift chairs are in most cases larger than what the typical Chairs can compete with. Therefore, it is vital that you have in mind that there will be an extra space compared to standard Chair when lifted or reclined. Be sure to have an additional space when you purchase a recliner chair.

Weight Capacity

For the seniors are fortunate to be weighty, it will be vital that you check the size regarding the weight capacity of the recliner you want to purchase before acquiring it. Most of the lifting chairs are capable of accommodating a capacity of about 300 pounds, therefore if you wish to buy a chair and you are having a larger size regarding pounds, please do well to search for larger capacity in weight before you sanction a buy.

However, Merax and Harper&bright design are created to accommodate about 330 pounds. Therefore, that will be the best for you to acquire if you slightly exit the 300 pounds rate of a thing. Using recliner without breaking the limit of what the weight of the chair can accommodate is very important. The disaster that follows overrating is that the mechanism of the chair can fail without excuse.

Safety Features

Although, it is pivotal that safety is ensured and might not be an issue with the chairs. This is because the introduction of a lift mechanism as put entirely in place the issue of security. But when about when the power goes out how are you going to get out of your chair? Therefore, you can patronize chairs that are made with built batteries so that it will serve as back up when things go wrong. It will serve as an emergency backup when the light is out, or something happens to the power socket.

Many people would prefer this because of the backup plan it came with. Therefore, it is essential you choose according to your taste an what will satisfy you as a person.

Upholstery Material

The use of upholstery material is essential that it is in place inside the chair because it determines the pleasure that you will get when you are using the chair. Any other material will affect your skin or produce heat when used.


A lift chair is a significant investment. Therefore it is pivotal that you chose a chair with the best warranty time such that you won’t have to go through the stress of purchase another one on time. We recommend a warranty of about one year upward for our clients.