Logistic Centre

This enormous storage areas are designed for Tnuva in industrial functionality that is dictated to a great extent by the engineering company, hence, the designing process involved a serious amount of project managing in order to successfully integrate non conventional systems in facilities in which automatic machines operate next to hundreds of people.

Magdiel Square Competition

A proposal to reunite the central area of ‘Magdiel’ and define it as the heart of the quartier. The challenge was to create a new active public space for the community while preserving the unique identity based on the historical use of this space. This project won the distinction award in the urban planning competition for Magdiel Square (designed with Arch. Gali Zilbershtein)

Participatory Urban Design

iThis rehabilitation project was initiated by the Municipality of Holon, a suburb of Tel-Aviv with history of a grave socio-economic situation. The goal was to offer solutions for a vacant public space in the heart of a residential neighbourhood. The Participation of the Inhabitants allowed a shared design process with the community and therefore, enhanced the feeling of local identity.

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