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A lamp that switches between two modes according to its position, regular white light or UV light which exposes the personal graffiti on the walls. The KGB lamp was part of the IDII exhibition in Salone del Mobile 2006. (designed with Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez)



Message Table

An answering machine that was merged into a wooden table. For each message received, a box appears on the table. To listen, open a box - and to delete it push it back into the surface. Exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, at the Salone del Mobile 2005 in Milano and at the Gallery AB+, Torino.
(designed with Shawn Bonkowski)




A blanket which contains a system of 24 wireless speakers and provides a special physical sound experience. The Undercover allows you to enjoy the vibrations of the speakers on your body and provides a private mobile soundscape. Exhibited in the Droog show, Salone Del Mobile 2006 in Milano. (designed with Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez for Droog design)




A hand-held mirror that visually reflects the user’s state of being. Responding to biofeedback from the hand, the image sharpens or blurs depending on how relaxed or tense the user is. In order to receive a clear focused image, the user must hold the device by its handle. When reaching a relaxed state, the image sharpens. Exhibited in the Limited Edition show at Galvanotecnica Bugatti in Milano 2006.



The Hungries

A family of plush monsters with an impressive appetite for RFID. Each Hungry has a different personality expressed with its own unique voice. It listens to the secrets whispered to its ear. When its arm is pulled, it plays them back in its own voice. When they are fed to one another, their voices are mixed in a burp-like way. The Hungries represented IDII in the Mattel Summit 2005. (designed with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino & Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez)





Scuba is an audio device that allows you to listen to your breathing. Compatible with an mp3 player, it creates a personal soundscape, inviting you to slow down and follow your inner rhythm by listening to your own respiration. According to the pressure applied on the device, the focus changes from the surroundings to the inner sounds.




Scratch underneath this four-legged friend and feel how the motion is mapped and scaled up to your own back. This futuristic contraption comes equipped with a broad selection of ”fingernails” that can be attached to the itch-calming mechanism to satisfy virtually every kind of scratching known to man, or woman. (designed with Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez)


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