Shooting Veterans’ testimonies into Public Space

Posted on Monday 5 October 2009


Lately I was helping out a bit for the audio of the War Veteran Vehicle. This second version of the Veteran Vehicle installation, done by the Interrogative Design Group (IDG), was created for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival in Liverpool.
This Vehicle is a converted British Military Land Rover, its back gun mounting has been replaced with a powerful video projector and a speaker system. This projection platform “shoots” fragments of the testimony of British soldiers and their families into the public space.

And this is a little behind-the-scenes peek, looking at the syncing process of the content which will be projected from the Vehicle. With this interface, developed by Robert Ochshorn, the words can be easily dragged and placed onto the precise timing of the audio file. This helps in syncing the audio files with the appearing text, and therefore can be done on the spot, having almost real time response.

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