Interactive Rebellious Chairs at EnsAD

Posted on Saturday 14 January 2012

Like every year, January arrives and once again, I have the great pleasure of running the ENSAD/MIT workshop. This is a collaboration between the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech group. It is a hands-on, extremely intensive workshop - and this one, of 2012, is a really great one! The brief is exactly in my favourite area of research. New interaction with familiar objects, and more specifically, the students were asked to redefine our relationship with a chair.
We had the skilled and devoted support of Jennifer Jacobs and Sam Jacoby, both are research assistants at the High-Low Tech group.
Along with the more or less “usual sensors”, they also brought with them some very powerful servo motors, thermochromic ink and many soft / crafty conductive materials.
The students had creative ideas for their chairs personality and worked very hard (and fast) to deliver their beautiful and working prototypes.
Check out their totally wicked work here!
And also some photos, mostly of the working process here.

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