C+C 2007

Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2007


Will be going to Washington (DC) to participate in the workshop of The Creativity & Cognition Conference. I’ll be presenting a short paper, and maybe doing something creative :]

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First dorkbot in CPH

Posted on Sunday 27 May 2007


Oh Yes! If you survived the winter in Copenhagen you deserve a dorkbot! For all the strong survivors and those who dare to visit the Kingdom of Denmark.
Sonic Gaming - that’s the title of this first one. Saturday, June 2nd, looking forward to do some strange things with electricity.

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I.D.H.O. (students’ work in progress)

Posted on Friday 25 May 2007

Had a little talk at the I.D.H.O. course and a great opportunity to have a peek on the unfinished projects of the students. The “Interaction Design Hands-On” course, held by Michal Rinott and Zvika Netter, is a unique collaboration in the Holon Institute of Technology. It allows students from the School of Design and from the School of Electronic Engineering to team up and develop innovative designs. The student showed their prototypes re-thinking the interaction with radio.

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Tangible Interface class in Shenkar

Posted on Friday 25 May 2007


Gave a talk and a workshop with JB, in the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It is the first hand-on class in tangible stuff for students, which mostly specialise in web interactions. It will be very interesting to see them stepping out of the screen. Their Prof, Noa Bichovsky, promised to update us with the results of that course - unfortunately they are still on strike.

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A rapid Keyboard-Hacking Workshop

Posted on Sunday 8 April 2007


Organised a little fun workshop in the GarageGeeks, to explore new alternatives to the ordinary button. I got some pictures of the event and the results on flickr.

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Enlightened Soul

Posted on Monday 5 March 2007


anima1.jpgWell, here are some sketches of the amazing Anima, designed with Alejandro Zamudio. It is a game that allows the players to hunt and capture the other players’ souls by using hacked Polaroid cameras. More info about the Anima game concept at Zazaziza.

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Transatlantic Collaboration

Posted on Tuesday 9 January 2007

brainstorm.jpgDuring the last week I was working with the other side of Zazaziza, who lives on the other side of the world. He thinks I live in the future, but actually it’s he who lives in the past. Time is completely relative. Anyway, after few days of weird working-hours, we met our deadline yesterday. we have suggested a magical game that involves mystery, technology and old school interaction design at its best. I promise to publish more when the future of that project is clearer.

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EL is not what you think

Posted on Wednesday 3 January 2007

EL_1.jpgThe time had come to experiment a bit with some electroluminescence. For now, I’m looking at materials that emit light when electric current passes through them. It looked nice in the pictures, but unfortunately, it’s not quite what I dreamed of in terms of interaction. My goal is to create simple object, as light and thin as possible, which would be lighten when it’s folded or flipped. I imagine origami or pop-up books, but still didn’t get the needed super-thin foil. Well, not yet.

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Kazumba! by Zazaziza

Posted on Tuesday 2 January 2007

UV_shirt.jpgHere it is, live in Paris! the Kazumba shirt that will react differently to light and “black light”. Notice the small patterns on the fabric, These are the Ultraviolet hand made drawings, while the big thing in the middle is a Phosphorescence monster, which glows even in total darkness.

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things i’ve seen

Posted on Friday 8 December 2006

AA.jpgjust so i don’t forget those things - - -
I was in London last week, have seen impressive things but this one, I must admit, is the most intelligent design I’ve seen this year: AA batteries which can be recharged through any USB port. This is wicked!

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