Fab Radio on Make blog

Posted on Thursday 21 January 2010

The Fab Radio just made a fabulous appearance on Makezine. Fab Radio is a lovely project allowing everyone out there to build their own personal radios.
This was part of Dave Mellis‘ project for the Neil Gershenfeld’s famous class: “How To Make (almost) Anything”. We were looking to design a simple radio, easy to assemble, and that could use the personal materials we each already have. You know… these kind of weird stuff we somehow end up keeping from an exotic trip or a special adventure - then, we really have noting to do with all that stuff… We also sometimes call these things “souvenirs” - and because we have sentimental relation with them, we keep just collecting them. This radio is one example of how we can maybe make something useful using these very personal and special materials.
Also, dear Mellis posted for you all the schematics and process documentation.

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Shooting Veterans’ testimonies into Public Space

Posted on Monday 5 October 2009


Lately I was helping out a bit for the audio of the War Veteran Vehicle. This second version of the Veteran Vehicle installation, done by the Interrogative Design Group (IDG), was created for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival in Liverpool.
This Vehicle is a converted British Military Land Rover, its back gun mounting has been replaced with a powerful video projector and a speaker system. This projection platform “shoots” fragments of the testimony of British soldiers and their families into the public space.

And this is a little behind-the-scenes peek, looking at the syncing process of the content which will be projected from the Vehicle. With this interface, developed by Robert Ochshorn, the words can be easily dragged and placed onto the precise timing of the audio file. This helps in syncing the audio files with the appearing text, and therefore can be done on the spot, having almost real time response.

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Human-Environment Interactions Workshop

Posted on Tuesday 15 September 2009

hembi workshop

Some of the WildUrban objects will be presented at the HEMBI (Human-Environment Mobile-Based Interactions) workshop. If you’re around Cambridge, on September 15-16, please be sure to visit the Media Lab. Myriel Milicevic will talk about Neighbourhood Satellites projects, and Natalie Jeremijenko about the Texting Fish, Wrestling Beetles, Translating Birds, and Other Cross-Species Adventures.

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Designing a lighter future

Posted on Wednesday 10 June 2009


Now starting an exciting collaboration with Elisabeth de Senneville, designing a charming futuristic vision (or so it seems at the moment). Elisabeth is a fascinating artist, a fashion designer and a pioneer of innovations in the area of textile. I do hope to reveal more details and images about that project as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, here is an image of the amazing jacket, which Elisabeth made especially for me. It is made out of her famous neoprene textile, and has a great simple cut (she does a lot of neoprene research and recently also a new bag collection). The fabric is micro perforated which makes it extremely light and increases breathability.

Merci Elisabeth!

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Zazaziza’s Undercover at Droog

Posted on Tuesday 2 June 2009



“Look here, look here”:

That’s Zazaziza and the Undercover at Droog

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Tune into the nearest wildlife

Posted on Sunday 5 April 2009


Presenting at Harvard the WildUrban Radio, a unique device that allows pleasurable eavesdropping on our wildlife neighbours. The navigation knob allows you, the urban dweller, to explore various directions of near-by wild audio streaming. As we tune into the life of an animal, we can sync our daily routines with it, creating a new type of bond. This new connection may encourage further encounters in the urban spaces.

With the Ecology Media group, we present WildUrban - a fresh approach to life in the city as a space shared by humans as well as wild animals. You are welcome to check it out (March 30–May 17, 2009), at the exhibition taking place at Harvard GSD as part of the Ecological Urbanism Conference.

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Hovering chandelier over a Beaming Table

Posted on Monday 16 March 2009


I have presented “Suspense”, a wireless energy lamp, at the Palais de Tokyo. The lamp celebrated the TeslaManiacs, an art-science event regarding wireless energy, as a part of the Gakona exhibition. Since JB and I are in the US at the moment, we have enjoyed a transatlantic live video-audio conversation with the TeslaManiacs and Dorkbot in Paris. We have presented the history of wireless energy, and started the debate about the vision of wireless energy and its possible consequences.

The Suspense is a playful lamp which lights up when hovering above the beaming table. The base of the lamp, designed from a simple coil, provides the wireless energy using induction. The closer it gets to the centre the higher the intensity of the light. So, here’s a first quick look of “Suspense”, the floating chandelier, in photos and video.

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Interaction Design @ MIT

Posted on Saturday 31 January 2009


The month of January at MIT is a celebration of “Whatever you could Ever wish for”. This month is also known as IAP: Independent Activities Period , and basically, it welcomes almost any subject, lecture or activity to be chosen by the students, open, creative, free and loved. Whether it is Theology of Sustainability, Chocolate Making or Middle Eastern Drumming, it is taken seriously and being taught passionately.

Michael Bernstein organised a lovely little course called “Interactive Technology Design”, which introduces student to the world of Interaction design through a hands-on approach. For his course, I gave a short talk, “Interaction Design Process”, and then an introduction to basics electronics and Arduino, with JB. In a short time of two weeks, these guys achieved pretty interesting results, in their exclusive geeky MIT style. Check out these photos and this video that shows the IAP 6.964’s final projects.

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Full-grown Aibo: Exploring identities

Posted on Sunday 19 October 2008


A little research project that I stated about dynamic development, body modification and identity. This is an exploration of Aibo’s next steps of growing up.
Being a sophisticated AI persona, the Aibo starts its life as a puppy, with baby-like behaviour and neediness. Later with interactions and playful tasks it develops, it starts to walk, it learns about its space, new words etc.


But it seems like it was designed to stop its dynamic changing. At a certain moment you would expect a child to rebel, to rise up and show the world its own individual grown-up identity. What would that be in the world of Aibos?Aibos are attracted to the colour pink, could they enjoy a new hair do? Or maybe a trendy tattoo? So, yes, Aibo is growing up, and is seeking for new toys and for his own leisure pursuit. This Aibo seriously considers redefining his identity through his look.

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My wearables on PAGE Magazine

Posted on Wednesday 13 August 2008



The German design magazine PAGE, a monthly magazine about communication design, just published on their latest issue an article about wearables. It seems like an interesting article, a bit more profound than what we usually see in the trendy periodicals.

Two of my projects are shown there, the charming “Undercover” blanket (for the Droog design collection), and the fresh “Social Vibration” hoody. So, I also have my moment of pride :]

Thanks Ilona! for sending me this issue.

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