A hand-held mirror that visually reflects the user’s state of being. Responding to biofeedback from the hand, the image sharpens or blurs depending on how relaxed or tense the user is. In order to receive a clear focused image, the user must hold the device by its handle. When reaching a relaxed state, the image sharpens. Exhibited in the Limited Edition show at Galvanotecnica Bugatti in Milano 2006.





Technical Details

A small camera embedded in the object, captures the image of the user to be displayed on a 7” LCD screen. Through Galvanic Skin Response sensors, which are placed on the mirror’s handle, the system detects the changes in the level of arousal or relaxation. This bio-signal is translated into a blurring effect (using Quartz Composer), which is then shown on the screen as the reflection of the user. Therefore, when the user is nervous or stressed the image is blurred, when relaxed the image goes back to focus.


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