MediaMatic Dev Camp ‘10: ikBijt

Posted on Monday 29 November 2010

Last week I participated in the Mediamatic hacker camp 2010. As always in Amsterdam, there were great people, sweet ambiance and plenty of coffee. I had the pleasure to collaborate with Nadya Peek and JB Labrune and design our obsessive social-networking installation: ikBijt.
The ikBijt is a unique piece of furniture, which confronts us with our on-line social activity and our web 2.0 sins. Shaped as a kneeler, this bite-activated device recognises your mediamatic profile and uses the network information to whisper narratives of guilt and shame straight into your bones - highly addictive!
The narration is transmitted through bone conduction, so only the person who bites the device can hear the shameful secrets, while people around can only notice the changing light according to the bite intensity.
Here are some of my photos, and Nadya’s.
And also, here’s ikBijt on the Mediamatic website

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