A lamp that switches between two modes according to its position, regular white light or UV light which exposes the personal graffiti on the walls. The KGB lamp was part of the IDII exhibition in Salone del Mobile 2006 (designed with Alejandro Zamudio)





Technical Details

In its default position (light pointing down), the seemingly innocuous KGB lamp emits a regular white light. However, when the lamp is held by its handle (changing its angel toward the walls), the white light is replaced by an ultraviolet light. As the KGB lamp is in UV mode, walls painted with a UV-reactive pigment come to life, revealing a secret artwork that can be explored by scanning the surface with the lamp.

The KGB uses a tilt sensor to switch between normal and UV modes. While in the structure of the lamp there are two UV fluorescent tubes and one regular incandescent light bulb – the control between them is done through the interaction.

Since there are no buttons or controlers for this lamp, a special hook on the lamp allows it to stay in the wanted position facing the wall using the UV mode.


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