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Posted on Saturday 31 January 2009


The month of January at MIT is a celebration of “Whatever you could Ever wish for”. This month is also known as IAP: Independent Activities Period , and basically, it welcomes almost any subject, lecture or activity to be chosen by the students, open, creative, free and loved. Whether it is Theology of Sustainability, Chocolate Making or Middle Eastern Drumming, it is taken seriously and being taught passionately.

Michael Bernstein organised a lovely little course called “Interactive Technology Design”, which introduces student to the world of Interaction design through a hands-on approach. For his course, I gave a short talk, “Interaction Design Process”, and then an introduction to basics electronics and Arduino, with JB. In a short time of two weeks, these guys achieved pretty interesting results, in their exclusive geeky MIT style. Check out these photos and this video that shows the IAP 6.964’s final projects.

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