Hovering chandelier over a Beaming Table

Posted on Monday 16 March 2009


I have presented “Suspense”, a wireless energy lamp, at the Palais de Tokyo. The lamp celebrated the TeslaManiacs, an art-science event regarding wireless energy, as a part of the Gakona exhibition. Since JB and I are in the US at the moment, we have enjoyed a transatlantic live video-audio conversation with the TeslaManiacs and Dorkbot in Paris. We have presented the history of wireless energy, and started the debate about the vision of wireless energy and its possible consequences.

The Suspense is a playful lamp which lights up when hovering above the beaming table. The base of the lamp, designed from a simple coil, provides the wireless energy using induction. The closer it gets to the centre the higher the intensity of the light. So, here’s a first quick look of “Suspense”, the floating chandelier, in photos and video.

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