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Posted on Thursday 21 January 2010

The Fab Radio just made a fabulous appearance on Makezine. Fab Radio is a lovely project allowing everyone out there to build their own personal radios.
This was part of Dave Mellis‘ project for the Neil Gershenfeld’s famous class: “How To Make (almost) Anything”. We were looking to design a simple radio, easy to assemble, and that could use the personal materials we each already have. You know… these kind of weird stuff we somehow end up keeping from an exotic trip or a special adventure - then, we really have noting to do with all that stuff… We also sometimes call these things “souvenirs” - and because we have sentimental relation with them, we keep just collecting them. This radio is one example of how we can maybe make something useful using these very personal and special materials.
Also, dear Mellis posted for you all the schematics and process documentation.

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