Fab FM workshop at the Media Lab

Posted on Friday 23 July 2010

Last Friday we had a first hands-on workshop for our radio kit, the Fab FM. This project is collaboration with Dave Mellis, at the MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech group.
Fab FM allows people to fabricate their own radios, or even manufacture small series. People can follow our basic kit design or modify it - its function or look. All is open: the electronics hardware, software as well as the casing design.
The kit includes the electronic components, our new board and the design files: electronic circuit and case design. For this workshop these files were sent in advance to the participants, this way they could personally explore different possibilities of change and suggest their own modification.
Through Fab FM we would like to explore the possibilities, problems and qualities of open source hardware.
Check out the photos from our workshop on flickr: Dave’s and mine.

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