Electromagnetic Vision

Posted on Saturday 26 July 2008


During the Sonar festival in BCN, I participated in a workshop, which had the longest name ever: ‘Creating Space, exploring the spatial properties of electromagnetic fields as a carrier for sound’. The workshop was held by Edwin van de Heide, at the lovely Hangar centre. I created there a device that would not only express the electromagnetic zones with sound, but also with light. As we explore the space, the LED turns brighter according to the presence of electromagnetic fields.

JB created one that activates a vibration, so you can actually feel the field. These tools reminded us of the Photo-phobes, in the sense that they are reacting to the condition of their environment, and they can collect their energy from it. Now, we developed several various versions of those. First of all we made the whole thing wireless. In terms of its design, we separated the location of the output from the input, using a longer shape. This makes it easier to reach those electromagnetic areas, while the display through sound, light or vibration is still close, held in the hand.

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