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Wilderness and the City

( Design and Project and Workshop )

I am very excited about next week workshop in Berlin. It’s called Wilderness in the City, and also has the French name “Cité Sauvage”, stay tuned for more. Find notes and new tools at our workshop initial blog.

Designing Hybrid Wearables in Amsterdam

( Design and Workshop )

I encourage you to check out the interesting results we had at the Hybrid Wearable Workshop last week at Mediamatic . Although it was only a three days workshop, I believe we can proudly say, we managed the time very well and eventually, presented functioning prototypes demonstrating the interesting concepts that were developed. We [...]

Designing hybrid toys

( Design and Workshop )

Check out these playful result of our hybrid toys workshop which took place at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. All designed and prototyped in only three days, using arduino, many of the Mediamatic RFID tags and readers, and one hacked Wiimote.
Also, there’s this cute video of the musical flowers, and here are some photos revealing the backstage [...]

Photo-phobic musical instrument

( Project and Workshop )

Finally, the Photo-phobics see the light. These are autonomous units, each one has a piezo connected to a little solar panel. When this creature meet the sun light it “screams” like a maniac. It is possible to manipulate the frequency by changing the amount of light on its panel or “turn it off” by covering [...]

C+C 2007

( Publication and Talk and Workshop )

Will be going to Washington (DC) to participate in the workshop of The Creativity & Cognition Conference. I’ll be presenting a short paper, and maybe doing something creative :]

First dorkbot in CPH

( Talk and Workshop )

Oh Yes! If you survived the winter in Copenhagen you deserve a dorkbot! For all the strong survivors and those who dare to visit the Kingdom of Denmark.
Sonic Gaming - that’s the title of this first one. Saturday, June 2nd, looking forward to do some strange things with electricity.

Tangible Interface class in Shenkar

( Talk and Workshop )

Gave a talk and a workshop with JB, in the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It is the first hand-on class in tangible stuff for students, which mostly specialise in web interactions. It will be very interesting to see them stepping out of the screen. Their Prof, Noa Bichovsky, promised to update us with [...]

A rapid Keyboard-Hacking Workshop

Organised a little fun workshop in the GarageGeeks, to explore new alternatives to the ordinary button. I got some pictures of the event and the results on flickr.

New applications for Philips

A three-weeks workshop with the CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) for Philips. Only some of the ideas for Philips’ UHP (ultra-high performance) technology, are available on the blog.