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Rebellious Chairs on Le Monde

( Design and Press and Workshop )

I was delighted to find this article on the last page of Science&Techno section (N°18) of Le Monde. This article, written by journalist Marion Sabourdy, is about the workshop we did at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) and I believe it is well written and really did capture the spirit of the [...]

Interactive Rebellious Chairs at EnsAD

( Design and Workshop )

Like every year, January arrives and once again, I have the great pleasure of running the ENSAD/MIT workshop. This is a collaboration between the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech group. It is a hands-on, extremely intensive workshop - and this one, of 2012, is a really great [...]

Screen-printed electronics with MIT+ENSAD

( Design and Workshop )

Once again we celebrate the meeting of design and technology, high-low tech style: combining the exquisite crafts practice at ENSAD with the new materials and technology from MIT. This year we focused on Screen-Printing, Professor Leah Buechley from High-Low Tech group of the Media Lab, arrived with 4 of her students and great materials to [...]

MediaMatic Dev Camp ‘10: ikBijt

( Design and Project and Workshop )

Last week I participated in the Mediamatic hacker camp 2010. As always in Amsterdam, there were great people, sweet ambiance and plenty of coffee. I had the pleasure to collaborate with Nadya Peek and JB Labrune and design our obsessive social-networking installation: ikBijt.
The ikBijt is a unique piece of furniture, which confronts us with our [...]

Fab FM for TEI 2011

The paper about Fab FM got accepted to TEI 2011(the conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction). So if you are interested, and planing to go to Madeira next year, make sure you hear Dave’s presentation and see the demo.

Fab FM workshop at the Media Lab

( Design and Research and Workshop )

Last Friday we had a first hands-on workshop for our radio kit, the Fab FM. This project is collaboration with Dave Mellis, at the MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech group.
Fab FM allows people to fabricate their own radios, or even manufacture small series. People can follow our basic kit design or modify it - its [...]

Human-Environment Interactions Workshop

( Research and Workshop )

Some of the WildUrban objects will be presented at the HEMBI (Human-Environment Mobile-Based Interactions) workshop. If you’re around Cambridge, on September 15-16, please be sure to visit the Media Lab. Myriel Milicevic will talk about Neighbourhood Satellites projects, and Natalie Jeremijenko about the Texting Fish, Wrestling Beetles, Translating Birds, and Other Cross-Species Adventures.

Designing a lighter future

( Design and Workshop )

Now starting an exciting collaboration with Elisabeth de Senneville, designing a charming futuristic vision (or so it seems at the moment). Elisabeth is a fascinating artist, a fashion designer and a pioneer of innovations in the area of textile. I do hope to reveal more details and images about that project as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, here [...]

Interaction Design @ MIT

( Talk and Workshop )

The month of January at MIT is a celebration of “Whatever you could Ever wish for”. This month is also known as IAP: Independent Activities Period , and basically, it welcomes almost any subject, lecture or activity to be chosen by the students, open, creative, free and loved. Whether it is Theology of Sustainability, [...]

Electromagnetic Vision

( Workshop )

During the Sonar festival in BCN, I participated in a workshop, which had the longest name ever: ‘Creating Space, exploring the spatial properties of electromagnetic fields as a carrier for sound’. The workshop was held by Edwin van de Heide, at the lovely Hangar centre. I created there a device that would not only express [...]