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Hybrid materials workshop at Ensad

I had the pleasure to guide the workshop at the great Parisian school of design, ENSAD. The mixed background students, worked in six groups of two and created awesome hybrid projects blending old tradition and new technology. You can read more about each one of the projects and process or watch the videos, on [...]

Noiseless Music Practice

In the process of making a rather traditional LED Chanukah lamp, we created a revolutionary non-music instrument. In order to use this lamp as a “music practice” tool, use the LEDs as guitar’s strings and play your favourite music. Using the wire, every LED you touch closes its circuit, and instead of sound (which might [...]

A rapid Keyboard-Hacking Workshop

Organised a little fun workshop in the GarageGeeks, to explore new alternatives to the ordinary button. I got some pictures of the event and the results on flickr.

Enlightened Soul

Well, here are some sketches of the amazing Anima, designed with Alejandro Zamudio. It is a game that allows the players to hunt and capture the other players’ souls by using hacked Polaroid cameras. More info about the Anima game concept at Zazaziza.

Transatlantic Collaboration

During the last week I was working with the other side of Zazaziza, who lives on the other side of the world. He thinks I live in the future, but actually it’s he who lives in the past. Time is completely relative. Anyway, after few days of weird working-hours, we met our deadline yesterday. we [...]

EL is not what you think

The time had come to experiment a bit with some electroluminescence. For now, I’m looking at materials that emit light when electric current passes through them. It looked nice in the pictures, but unfortunately, it’s not quite what I dreamed of in terms of interaction. My goal is to create simple object, as light and [...]

Kazumba! by Zazaziza

Here it is, live in Paris! the Kazumba shirt that will react differently to light and “black light”. Notice the small patterns on the fabric, These are the Ultraviolet hand made drawings, while the big thing in the middle is a Phosphorescence monster, which glows even in total darkness.

things i’ve seen

just so i don’t forget those things - - -
I was in London last week, have seen impressive things but this one, I must admit, is the most intelligent design I’ve seen this year: AA batteries which can be recharged through any USB port. This is wicked!

New applications for Philips

A three-weeks workshop with the CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) for Philips. Only some of the ideas for Philips’ UHP (ultra-high performance) technology, are available on the blog.