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PlayIDHO at the Interaction Lab, Holon

( Design and Talk )

A visit at IDHO’s Interaction Lab, to give a little talk about play experience and to check out the students presentations of their own play experience designs. So far they focused on game-play and some screen based stuff - but their semester has just started… We will keep an eye open to check their website [...]

Interaction Design @ MIT

( Talk and Workshop )

The month of January at MIT is a celebration of “Whatever you could Ever wish for”. This month is also known as IAP: Independent Activities Period , and basically, it welcomes almost any subject, lecture or activity to be chosen by the students, open, creative, free and loved. Whether it is Theology of Sustainability, [...]

Wearables for IDHO

( Talk )

Once again I had the great pleasure of visiting IDHO (Interaction Design Hands On) course of Holon Institute of Technology. I caught a glimpse of the last year exhibition; the leftovers of their prototypes look pretty slick. Check out their projects and exhibition video. Anyway, the IDHO team of 2008 seems to be very promising. [...]

C+C 2007

( Publication and Talk and Workshop )

Will be going to Washington (DC) to participate in the workshop of The Creativity & Cognition Conference. I’ll be presenting a short paper, and maybe doing something creative :]

First dorkbot in CPH

( Talk and Workshop )

Oh Yes! If you survived the winter in Copenhagen you deserve a dorkbot! For all the strong survivors and those who dare to visit the Kingdom of Denmark.
Sonic Gaming - that’s the title of this first one. Saturday, June 2nd, looking forward to do some strange things with electricity.

I.D.H.O. (students’ work in progress)

( Talk )

Had a little talk at the I.D.H.O. course and a great opportunity to have a peek on the unfinished projects of the students. The “Interaction Design Hands-On” course, held by Michal Rinott and Zvika Netter, is a unique collaboration in the Holon Institute of Technology. It allows students from the School of Design and from [...]

Tangible Interface class in Shenkar

( Talk and Workshop )

Gave a talk and a workshop with JB, in the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It is the first hand-on class in tangible stuff for students, which mostly specialise in web interactions. It will be very interesting to see them stepping out of the screen. Their Prof, Noa Bichovsky, promised to update us with [...]

The Narciscope in Eindhoven

( Publication and Talk )

I submitted a short paper to DeSForM the European Work on Design & Semantics of Form & Movement. After my talk we enjoyed a live demo of the Narciscope. In this picture, Jasjit Singh examining his tranquility.