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Our Migratory Nest

( Design and Project and Research )

This project is another exciting collaboration with Myriel Milicevic - It is a proposal prepared for a nature/art event in Germany.
Following the trails of a great mythical bird, we create a unique space and special tools for observation into its remarkable story. Looking at this story we open a discussion mostly about migration but also [...]

New hardware for the FabFM

( Design and Project and Research )

Dave and I are trying some new possible design, as we are looking at manufacturing the FabFM board and kit. This means we look at new components and structure, which can be soldered and built by a wider audience.
This affects the design of the board, but also the external shape of the radio. As much [...]

Fab FM workshop at the Media Lab

( Design and Research and Workshop )

Last Friday we had a first hands-on workshop for our radio kit, the Fab FM. This project is collaboration with Dave Mellis, at the MIT Media Lab High-Low Tech group.
Fab FM allows people to fabricate their own radios, or even manufacture small series. People can follow our basic kit design or modify it - its [...]

Shooting Veterans’ testimonies into Public Space

( Design and Project and Research )

Lately I was helping out a bit for the audio of the War Veteran Vehicle. This second version of the Veteran Vehicle installation, done by the Interrogative Design Group (IDG), was created for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival in Liverpool.
This Vehicle is a converted British Military Land Rover, its back gun mounting has [...]

Human-Environment Interactions Workshop

( Research and Workshop )

SomeĀ of the WildUrban objects will be presented at the HEMBI (Human-Environment Mobile-Based Interactions) workshop. If you’re around Cambridge, on September 15-16, please be sure to visit the Media Lab. Myriel Milicevic will talk about Neighbourhood Satellites projects, and Natalie Jeremijenko about the Texting Fish, Wrestling Beetles, Translating Birds, and Other Cross-Species Adventures.

Full-grown Aibo: Exploring identities

( Design and Research )

A little research project that I stated about dynamic development, body modification and identity. This is an exploration of Aibo’s next steps of growing up.
Being a sophisticated AI persona, the Aibo starts its life as a puppy, with baby-like behaviour and neediness. Later with interactions and playful tasks it develops, it starts to walk, [...]