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Rebellious Chairs on Le Monde

( Design and Press and Workshop )

I was delighted to find this article on the last page of Science&Techno section (N°18) of Le Monde. This article, written by journalist Marion Sabourdy, is about the workshop we did at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) and I believe it is well written and really did capture the spirit of the [...]

Zazaziza’s Undercover at Droog

( Design and Press )

“Look here, look here”:
That’s Zazaziza and the Undercover at Droog

My wearables on PAGE Magazine

( Design and Press )

The German design magazine PAGE, a monthly magazine about communication design, just published on their latest issue an article about wearables. It seems like an interesting article, a bit more profound than what we usually see in the trendy periodicals.
Two of my projects are shown there, the charming “Undercover” blanket (for the Droog design [...]