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Social vibration

( Design and Project )

Just like the Highlander , wouldn’t it be handy to be able to sense other of your own kind when they are in your environment?
JB and I made this first working prototype, designed to sense other geeks in the neighbourhood. Each shirt recognises the other, and identify itself as part of the [...]

Photo-phobia, the next generation

( Design and Project )

We made some new improvements in our solar musical instruments, added more control to modify the sound, and started to explore its physical design, which redefines the interaction. One box was designed with the sliding cover for solar panel which modify the sound. The other design separates the solar panel from the speaker box, this [...]

New applications for Philips

A three-weeks workshop with the CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) for Philips. Only some of the ideas for Philips’ UHP (ultra-high performance) technology, are available on the blog.