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Designing a lighter future

( Design and Workshop )

Now starting an exciting collaboration with Elisabeth de Senneville, designing a charming futuristic vision (or so it seems at the moment). Elisabeth is a fascinating artist, a fashion designer and a pioneer of innovations in the area of textile. I do hope to reveal more details and images about that project as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, here [...]

Zazaziza’s Undercover at Droog

( Design and Press )

“Look here, look here”:
That’s Zazaziza and the Undercover at Droog

Tune into the nearest wildlife

( Design and Project )

Presenting at Harvard the WildUrban Radio, a unique device that allows pleasurable eavesdropping on our wildlife neighbours. The navigation knob allows you, the urban dweller, to explore various directions of near-by wild audio streaming. As we tune into the life of an animal, we can sync our daily routines with it, creating a new type of bond. [...]

Hovering chandelier over a Beaming Table

( Design and Project )

I have presented “Suspense”, a wireless energy lamp, at the Palais de Tokyo. The lamp celebrated the TeslaManiacs, an art-science event regarding wireless energy, as a part of the Gakona exhibition. Since JB and I are in the US at the moment, we have enjoyed a transatlantic live video-audio conversation with the TeslaManiacs and [...]

Full-grown Aibo: Exploring identities

( Design and Research )

A little research project that I stated about dynamic development, body modification and identity. This is an exploration of Aibo’s next steps of growing up.
Being a sophisticated AI persona, the Aibo starts its life as a puppy, with baby-like behaviour and neediness. Later with interactions and playful tasks it develops, it starts to walk, [...]

My wearables on PAGE Magazine

( Design and Press )

The German design magazine PAGE, a monthly magazine about communication design, just published on their latest issue an article about wearables. It seems like an interesting article, a bit more profound than what we usually see in the trendy periodicals.
Two of my projects are shown there, the charming “Undercover” blanket (for the Droog design [...]

Wilderness and the City

( Design and Project and Workshop )

I am very excited about next week workshop in Berlin. It’s called Wilderness in the City, and also has the French name “Cité Sauvage”, stay tuned for more. Find notes and new tools at our workshop initial blog.

Designing Hybrid Wearables in Amsterdam

( Design and Workshop )

I encourage you to check out the interesting results we had at the Hybrid Wearable Workshop last week at Mediamatic . Although it was only a three days workshop, I believe we can proudly say, we managed the time very well and eventually, presented functioning prototypes demonstrating the interesting concepts that were developed. We [...]

Designing hybrid toys

( Design and Workshop )

Check out these playful result of our hybrid toys workshop which took place at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. All designed and prototyped in only three days, using arduino, many of the Mediamatic RFID tags and readers, and one hacked Wiimote.
Also, there’s this cute video of the musical flowers, and here are some photos revealing the backstage [...]

Soft fabric musical instrument

( Design and Project )

Sawed the circuit with conductive threads and conductive fabrics. When the ear (or tail) meets certain surfaces of the plush, it triggers a sound, changing according to it’s location.
I must admit, this prototype has a rather strange behaviour, I cannot always predict the sounds it produces and the timing, but that’s kind of lovely. Grrr…
Anyway, [...]