Logistical Center - TNUVA

This project was build to serve the largest diary company in Israel, Tnuva, which is the best known in the state and is historically identified with the first days of Israel’s existence. The aim of the center is to organize all the product supply to the largest metropolitan area in Israel. Basically, this is a highly sophisticated refrigeration storage facility: Computerized system arranges packed products, according to shops orders data, in the directions of the trucks awaiting at the end of the building.


Technical Details

These cold storage areas are designed in industrial functionality which is dictated, to a great extant, by the engineering company. Therefore, the architectural design process involves cooperation with a variety of professionals, in order to integrate non conventional systems in facility in which automatic machines operate next to hundreds of people. The subject in which I enjoyed freedom of design were related to the building schemes, the location of the offices and above all, the building envelope.

Design goals

The design in this project aimed for two main goals:
1- Visibility as an urban object: A very big and salient building that identified with Tnuva’s brand. Even when it holds mainly automatic machinery, which was industrially engineered - a “warmer” facade reflects the firm’s values.
2- As a work-environment: A place where the working team spend a significant part of our time. It is important that even industrial facilities will provide us with a sense of place.


Architecture (Industrial -> Commercial)


Design & Planning, Project Management, Material Consultation, Consultants’ Co-ordination, Municipal Authorisation, Supervision


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