Full-grown Aibo: Exploring identities

Posted on Sunday 19 October 2008


A little research project that I stated about dynamic development, body modification and identity. This is an exploration of Aibo’s next steps of growing up.
Being a sophisticated AI persona, the Aibo starts its life as a puppy, with baby-like behaviour and neediness. Later with interactions and playful tasks it develops, it starts to walk, it learns about its space, new words etc.


But it seems like it was designed to stop its dynamic changing. At a certain moment you would expect a child to rebel, to rise up and show the world its own individual grown-up identity. What would that be in the world of Aibos?Aibos are attracted to the colour pink, could they enjoy a new hair do? Or maybe a trendy tattoo? So, yes, Aibo is growing up, and is seeking for new toys and for his own leisure pursuit. This Aibo seriously considers redefining his identity through his look.

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